Ground Blind Hunting Regulations

State of Wisconsin

All ground blinds used on DNR-controlled lands (does not include MFL or FCL lands) during any gun deer season must display at least 144 square inches of solid blaze orange material visible from all directions around the blind.   Also, all unoccupied ground blinds on DNR lands must have the owner's customer ID number or name and address attached in a manner that is visible and legible near the entrance to the blind.  Exception:  blinds which are being used for waterfowl hunting do not need to display the blaze orange.

State of Illinois
Blaze Orange Requirement – Ground Blinds on Public Hunting Areas. It is unlawful to use or occupy aground blind during any firearm deer season on public land unless at least 400 square inches of solid vivid blaze orange material is securely attached to the uppermost portion of the blind and a substantial amount of orange is visible for 360 degrees.

State of Iowa
No person shall use a blind for hunting deer during the regular shotgun deer seasons unless such blind exhibits a solid blaze orange marking visible in all directions with a minimum height of 12 inches and a minimum width of 12 inches.

A blind is defined as a place of concealment constructed, either wholly or partially from man made materials, which is used for the purpose of hiding a person who is hunting from sight. A blind is not a naturally occurring landscape feature or an arrangement of natural or agricultural plant material that a hunter uses for concealment. In addition to the requirements above, hunters using blinds must also satisfy the requirements of wearing blaze orange.

State of Indiana
Ground Blinds must display at least 144 square inches of hunter orange material and must be visible from any direction during any season when a hunter is required to wear hunter orange.

State of Arkansas
Fluorescent Blaze Orange or Fluorescent Chartresoe Hunter Green totaling at least 144 square inches on each side of the ground blind, and a minimum of three feet above the ground. MUST be used on public lands.

State of Virginia
Hunters using ground blinds or tree blinds that conceal them from view, MUST display a minimum of 100 square inches of Blaze Orange visible from 360 degrees on the outside of such blinds.  This Blaze Orange is in addition to any worn on the hunters person

State of Maryland
Fluorescent Orange must be displayed on ground blinds no more than 4 feet above the ground ON OR WITHIN 25 FEET of the blind. A cap of solid fluorescent orange color or a PANEL band, strip, or garment of at least 250 square inches of solid fluorescent orange color.

State of Delaware
Deer hunters concealed inside ground-level blinds also must place 400 square inches of hunter orange within 10 feet outside the blind and at least 3 feet above the ground.

State of Missouri
When hunting inside a ground blind hunters must put orange on all sides of the blind.

State of New Jersey
Ground blinds must display 200 square inches of Fluorescent Orange either atop and visible on all sides or within 5 feet of the blind & higher than the blind whenever deer firearm seaaon is open.

"The blaze orange material must be at least 144 square inches - that's 12 inches by 12 inches, and it must be visible all around the blind - that's 360 degrees," DNR Warden Tim Lawhern said of the Wisconsin state law that took effect in 2008. "This law is all about keeping hunters safe while they enjoy one of Wisconsin's traditions.
Do's and Don'ts of Ground Blind Hunting

Place Blind-n-Site™ blaze orange panels on your blind so that it is visible 360 degrees.

Use good judgement and practice general hunting safety measures and procedures.Keep others informed. 

Let someone know where your blind is located and when you will return.

Never use any portable ground blind unless you have read the manufacturers' instructions and guidelines.

Never smoke inside your blind. Some manufactured blinds are made of highly flammable material which could possibly trap you in the blind if it should catch fire.

Never use a heater inside your ground blind.  Un-vented fumes could create carbon monoxide poisoning resulting in sickness or death.