Ground Blind Frequently Asked Questions
Can I just hang a 12"x12" blaze orange flag on the top of my blind?
No, because not all 144 square inches of the 12"x12" blaze orange flag or piece of
material will be visible in all directions, 360 degrees around the blind at all times.

Can I attach multiple small pieces of blaze orange on the outside of my blind if
the total square inches is equal to 144 sq. inches?
No, multiple small pieces of blaze orange is not legal because the requirement is that
when looking at the blind from any direction there must be at least one SOLID patch
(i.e. one piece) of blaze orange visible which is at least 144 square inches in size.

Can I just wrap a 144 inch long piece of blaze orange flagging tape that is 1 inch
wide around by blind?
No, because while a narrow strip of blaze orange may be 144 square inches, if it is wrapped around the blind and only 25% of the material is visible from each side, the
minimum requirement is not met.

Can I use camo-blaze orange pattern?
No, camo blaze orange does not meet the solid color requirement.  Camo blaze can be used in addition to the minimum 144 square inches of solid blaze orange visible in all
directions, but not in place of it.  " WISCONSINS REGULATIONS"
"The blaze orange material must be at least 144 square inches - that's 12 inches by 12 inches, and it must be visible all around the blind - that's 360 degrees," DNR Warden Tim Lawhern said of the Wisconsin state law that took effect in 2008. "This law is all about keeping hunters safe while they enjoy one of Wisconsin's traditions.
Do's and Don'ts of Ground Blind Hunting

Place Blind-n-Site™ blaze orange panels on your blind so that it is visible 360 degrees.

Use good judgement and practice general hunting safety measures and procedures.Keep others informed. 

Let someone know where your blind is located and when you will return.

Never use any portable ground blind unless you have read the manufacturers' instructions and guidelines.

Never smoke inside your blind. Some manufactured blinds are made of highly flammable material which could possibly trap you in the blind if it should catch fire.

Never use a heater inside your ground blind.  Un-vented fumes could create carbon monoxide poisoning resulting in sickness or death.